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The flower language of hyacinth is: victory, competition, joy, love, happiness, passion, admiration, stubbornness, life, pride, and eternal nostalgia. However, the hyacinth has a variety of colors, and the flower language of hyacinths of different colors is different. Flower language of purple hyacinth: sadness, jealousy, melancholy love (you will be happy if you get my love), apology (sorry, please forgive me), regret.

Morphological characteristics

Because of the bulbous plant of hyacinth, it has (flat) bulbous bulbs, and also has purple-blue and white membranous outer skin, which usually resembles the color of flowers.

The leaves of hyacinth are green and shiny fleshy leaves, relatively plump, and the shape is band-lanceolate.

When the hyacinth blooms, there are about 10-20 small flowers densely blooming on the upper part of the stem. They generally grow horizontally, and a few will droop. The shape is the same as the corolla. The overall shape is funnel-shaped. The flowers are very rich in blue and pink. , Purple, yellow, white and many other strains.

Ornamental value: Hyacinth is a kind of precious bulbous flower. Its plant grows neatly and low. It blooms in early spring. It has dignified inflorescence and rich flower colors, and its posture is very graceful. It can be well arranged in flower beds, flower borders and flower troughs for decoration, and can also be made into cut flowers and potted plants or watered for viewing.

Other values: Hyacinth also has the function of filtering dust; floral scent helps to stabilize mood and relieve mental fatigue; in addition, aromatic oil can be extracted from flowers.

Note: The bulbs of hyacinth are toxic, which can cause dizziness, stomach cramps and diarrhea after accidentally ingested. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid accidental ingestion of children or pets.

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